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Statistics – all of our football predictions and sports tips are always based on historical data, statistics and previous results.  Our team has collected and bundled all the matches, results, goals, points from the last years in these different sports. With the help of our exclusive analysing system we can analyse and predict the potential outcomes of every match.  For this process it is very important to gather as much possible data from the sports, competitions, teams and separate this into different categories.  It is extremely important to be able to focus on the strengths or weaknesses of a team.  A football team that scores 5 away goals will have a better attacking value then a team that scores only 1 away goal and concedes 3. 

Football – the most popular sport in Europe and also the sport we analyse the most to offer you the best football predictions and tips.  We are currently analysing the 7 largest European competitions: Premier League in England, La Liga in Spain, Serie A in Italy, Bundesliga in Germany, Jupiler Pro League in Belgium, Eredivisie in the Netherlands and Ligue 1 in France.  As we optimize our football predictions and sports tips, we will only enhance our offering of football competitions over the next years.

From 7 different European competitions we offer you 3 different markets:

  • 1 X 2 = who has most chance to win the match

  • BTTS = probability of Both Teams to Score

  • Over 2.5 goals = probability we will see over 2.5 goals in the match

These are the 3 biggest markets on which most gamblers bet on, and so do we.  I would also like to explain to you how we exactly analyse and predict the outcomes.

In general, we must determine who is more likely to win the match?  And to make this easier to read for you we will have re-calculated the possible outcome in percentages.  The team with the highest percentage will have the most chance of winning the game, but the outcome can also be a draw whenever our system can not pick a clear winner.

We are going to determine both the attacking and defending value of both teams.  For both teams we will calculate how strong they are in the attack and how good their defence is.  For this we are basing us on their previous performance and the last couple of games.  In order to be able to analyse this, it is very important to look at the position of the team in the overall standings and how they performed playing at home or away.  We only look at the numbers and no emotional opinion is involved in this process. Then we look at the number of goals they have scored at home and on the road, how many goals they have conceded at home and away, how many number of matches they have played at home and away.  We compare this against all other teams in the league so we can determine all of the other teams’ attacking and defending value, both at home and on the road. This analysis is converted into percentages so that it is easy to read and understand. 

Obviously not all our football predictions and sports tips will be correct, as this is just impossible.  But over the years we have been active, we can proudly say we have a very nice average of 70.50% correct predictions.  And our team is constantly working and optimising our analysing system to offer you even more correct picks and football predictions.

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